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Our Fro-Yo flavors are the tastiest you will EVER have. Because we have access to many fro-yo suppliers, we are able to hand-pick the best flavors from each brand. Be sure to try our signature Tahitian Vanilla Coconut!

Ice cream sundae cone meets sweet, crispy waffle! This popular European treat is slowly making its way to the US. We are one of the few in Utah who provide it. Try a Bubble Waffle from our in-store menu or customize your own!

How cute is this dessert?! These Fish Waffles are originally from Japan and known as "Taiyaki." Unlike Taiyaki, which is normally filled with a bean jam, our Fish Waffles are hollowed out and filled with fro-yo - YUM!

We are proud to be serving Grateful Donut Co.'s mini cake donuts! They are the perfect bite sized, on-the-go treat! The mini donuts can be served plain or with cinnamon & sugar. They are best enjoyed with our homemade berry donut dipping sauce.

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